ISBN 095427100-9 Price £3.50
Front cover by Tracey Wilson
Illustrations by Jessie Gillick

Inside A Bag of Stars you'll find...A dazzling new collection of poems for children of all ages. Featuring work by such poets as Gina Douthwaite, Daphne Kitching, Trevor Millum and Bernard Young, and wittily illustrated by Jessie Gillick, this is one bag you'll want to dip into time and time again.

We want a bag of stars and a couple of moons
To stick on the ceiling in our bedrooms…


collected by Graham Denton

ISBN 095427101-7 Price: £4.99
Illustrations by Michael Clark

First made famous through Harry Graham's Ruthless Rhymes, the 'Little Willie' verses have been delighting children for over 100 years. Often cruel but always funny, these quirky little gems have both an immediate and universal appeal. In GIVING YOU THE 'WILLIES'! Graham Denton has gathered together a unique collection of both old and new, featuring verses by some of the finest poets writing for children today. Brilliantly enhanced by the illustrations of Michael Clark, this irresistibly irreverent anthology will have you squirming with devilish delight throughout.

Shortlisted for the CLPE Poetry Award, 2004

"…made me laugh out loud!" Andrew Fusek Peters

"Great fun" Colin West

ISBN - 095427102 -5 Price: £5.99/$9.00
Illustrations by Jessie Gillick

Here are over fifty of the silliest limericks you're ever likely to read! In Dancing with Frankenstein, Robert Scotellaro has concocted a collection of cock-eyed and cuckoo characters of all kinds. Meet the miserly Cyclops, an ice-skating millipede, the knight with the magnetic attraction, and many, many more! This rich assortment of goodies from one of America's finest poets for children is a feast of fun to satisfy every taste.

"(Robert Scotellaro) is one of the deftest practitioners of that maligned genre" X. J. Kennedy

"{Dancing with Frankenstein} had me laughing on every page (even when I was groaning)!" Kenn Nesbitt, author of The Aliens Have Landed!

ISBN 095427103-3 Price £5.99/$9.00
Illustrations by Michael Clark

Set your giggle-o-meters and get ready to laugh! From the pen of one of America's finest poets for children comes a collection of joyful nonsense brimming with imaginative twits and hilarious turns from start to finish. Read about the huge Hopapotamus, Harry the hapless wizard, a handsome monster that couldn't scare anyone, and much, much more besides. In over 80 original poems, Robert Scotellaro brings you his unique brand of silliness. Snail Stampede and Other Poems aims straight for the funny bone, and hits the mark every time.

"…a true tour de force." J. Patrick Lewis

You can read interviews with Robert Scotellaro on both and


Also from Hands Up Books

Spider-flavoured Sausages by Daphne Kitching

Illustrations by Elaine Hill Price £5.99 ISBN 095427104 - 1

Lots of Fun, some Football, a few pinches of People, a Creature or two, a slice of School, Four Horrid drops (optional), a sprinkling of the Past, a handful of Riddles, Mixed up bits and pieces, a flavouring of Festivals…Shake in your own imagination; Season well with fantasy and fun…Enjoy with all the family!

Wanted Alive by Bernard Young

Illustrations by Jessie Gillick Price £4.95 ISBN 095427105 - X

Welcome to Wanted Alive, a lively collection of over 50 new poems by Bernard Young, where Dad's Barking and Being a Bear, big brother's an alien, Lesley Presley's swivelling her hips and curling her lip, Minnie's moaning, Milly's being mean (but not for much longer!) and Mum's having to do as she's told. Bernard often attends The School for Daydreamers and is also a frequent visitor to "normal" schools (as a performer and workshop leader). Some of those visits inspired some of these poems.

On My Way to School I Saw a Dinosaur by Roger Stevens

Illustrations by Michael Leigh Price £4.99 ISBN 095427106 -8

Roger's first collection of poems for younger readers follows a year in the life of Frog Class. Find out what happens when a dinosaur comes to school; what lives in the school pond; how Billy's worm escapes; and where the dog that jumped over the moon REALLY landed.

A Stegosaurus is For Life and Other Animal Poems by Trevor Millum

Illustrations by Elaine Hill Price £5.99 ISBN 095427107-6

From reptiles to rodents, from dinosaurs to dogs, here is a book featuring creatures and critters of every shape and size. Perfectly complemented by Elaine Hill's subtle and sensitive line drawings, Trevor Millum's unique poems give a fresh, appealing take on some of the familiar as well as the lesser-known members of the animal kingdom. A Stegosaurus is for Life is a collection that will delight both young and old, and a gathering of beasts you'll want to feast your eyes upon again and again.


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